Maximize the value of your assets

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable component on a company’s books. Oftentimes it may not feel that way, and that is because a proper monetization strategy hasn’t been put in place.

Here at Cross Border IP we will work with you on making this happen with the major components below.

IP Portfolio Analysis

With monetization in mind, and your requirements for licensing or outright sale of some or all of your IP, our specialists with review what you currently have. Highlighting strengths as well as weaknesses in your portfolio, we will point out where to focus the monetization strategy.

New Market Entry

Once the analysis has been completed, we will need to see which markets – globally – are best suited for the assets you have. With today’s connected international economy, there may be new markets you and your company never even considered which may be the most suited.

Strategic Partner Identification

Taking the analysis and new market entry modules in hand, we will write out a list of opportunities. With our agency’s wide range of global contacts and partners, we can find you opportunities in licensing and asset sales that will give you options and motivation.

Are you looking to monetize your IP portfolio? Cross Border IP would love to hear from you.